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International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society

MDS Expert Panels

Gain access to the knowledge and stature of MDS leaders to provide critical insight, review and brainstorming.

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Access the most highly respected, sought-after experts whose expertise aligns with your stated objectives.

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The MDS Expert Panels aim to support improved patient care and advance the neurological sciences pertaining to movement disorders. The Society convenes panels of subject matter experts to discuss and generate ideas about topics chosen by industry, foundation or government partners.

Your organization provides MDS with goals and objectives for a 90-minute panel session. Based on these identified goals and objectives, MDS generates a list of recommended experts from which the requesting party may select 2-5 panel participants.

MDS staff will coordinate all planning and logistics for the session and communicate this information to the requesting party and Panel experts. Your organization will provide MDS with background information, resources and/or discussion items related to the topic for distribution to the Expert Panel prior to the session. Review of this background information will not exceed 90 minutes, such that the combined total time spent between background review and the in-person Expert Panel does not exceed three hours.

Expert Panels may be offered at International or Regional Congresses/Summits, or other MDS meetings where panel members are already gathered. Other venues may be considered, but additional fees for expert travel and lodging would apply. Panels may also be offered virtually.

Partners engaging MDS to implement an Expert Panel will execute an agreement with the Society stipulating the roles and responsibilities of each party, including fees to be paid for execution of the Expert Panel. This agreement exists strictly between MDS and the industry, foundation or government partner requesting the Expert Panel, not with the panelists themselves.


Several factors set MDS Expert Panels apart:

  • Panelists removed from your company or organization provide straightforward, impartial insights

  • Expert Panels are a useful secondary sounding board, complementing advisory board efforts
  • MDS has access to the most highly respected and sought-after experts on a host of topics related to Parkinson’s and movement disorders
  • The MDS Secretariat plans and facilitates Panels where experts are already convened

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