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International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
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        VOLUME 27, ISSUE 1 • MARCH 2023  Full issue »

First World Movement Disorders Day brings the field to the center of the conversation  



Movement disorders are some of the most complex neurological diseases — and yet even most healthcare professionals are not aware of what a movement disorder is. That could change soon.


MDS managed to make movement disorders a top trend on Twitter during the launch of the first-ever World Movement Disorders Day on November 29, 2022. Parkinson’s reached trending status, proving that amongst millions of conversations, the increased discourse around movement disorders stood out. 


The impact of awareness 

By increasing awareness about these disorders, we can improve care and outcomes for patients worldwide. Because most physicians lack experience with these diseases — and because they are challenging to diagnose, even for seasoned experts — patients are often misdiagnosed, and go years without the specialty care they need. If more providers and people with movement disorder symptoms are able to recognize when these diseases may be the cause, they will be able connect with specialists to receive proper care.  

The global awareness initiative also provides a platform for those struggling with movement disorders to have a voice.  

Important messaging 

To raise awareness about these important diseases, educational social media campaign using the hashtag #movedisorder. Seventeen leading MDS experts from around the globe shared critical information about the most prevalent movement disorders in a video series. This culminated in a live event in each hemisphere of the globe, drawing more than 1,000 total participants. 


The key points we want to share are:  

  • Movement disorders are a complex and varied group of diseases 

  • They can be very challenging to diagnose and treat 

  • It is important to see a specialist with the proper expertise 

MDS also importantly encouraged everyone to join the conversation: researchers, physicians, patients, carers, advocates and the general public to bring awareness to the underemphasized but critically important fight against this diverse group of diseases.  

The event’s inaugural year was a runaway success, reaching 3.6 million people across 119 countries. Dozens of organizations also had their own educational events locally.  

As the event becomes more established, we hope these numbers will continue to grow. Over the coming year, MDS will be working to align partners and broaden the global impact of this event 

Learn more about World Movement Disorders Day:  

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