MDS-ES Visiting Trainee Grant Program

Applications Will Be Accepted February 1-March 15, 2018

Thank you for your interest in the MDS- European Section's Visiting Trainee Grant.

In 2018, the MDS-ES offered two types of grants:

Clinical Grant: This grant is aimed at applicants who would like to increase their knowledge in movement disorders, advance their recognition of patterns of movement disorders and/or improve their diagnoses and management of movement disorders patients. It would be expected that the main goal of the trainee would be to bring those skills back to their home country.

Research Grant: This grant is aimed at applicants who wish to develop a research program, work on an existing research project, and/or interact with other researchers with the goal to continue research upon return to their home country.

Grant length and amount:

  • 6-month duration: 6,000 Euro
  • *Plus travel expenses up to 400 Euro, based on actual receipts

The purpose of this award is to offset accommodation and living expenses during the training.


The program’s main focus is to provide training to applicants from countries that would otherwise not be provided access to this type of training or grant. Despite this focus, candidates from any country within the MDS-European Section are eligible to apply and will be considered for a Visiting Trainee Grant.

Applications are open to residents, fellows and those trained in a recognized neurological or science training program, or recent graduates (under 40 years of age, duration ≥ 2 years) from such a program who have returned to practice in their home site within five years of completing training. Status must be certified in writing by the applicant's employer or past supervisor.

In addition, applicants must:

  • Be fluent in the language required by the host institution
  • Be first time award of MDS training grant; awardees from previous years are not eligible to re-apply
  • Partake in a training program that is outside of their residing country
  • Choose a host institution from the webpage: MDS-ES host sites

The applicant should select a host institution and is responsible for facilitating their acceptance with this institution.  The training must take place in 2018.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify that they are eligible to enter the selected country in order to take up the training, and to provide all necessary documentation to the host institution in order that honorary or observer contracts can be issued prior to the training.  MDS-ES cannot assist with visa applications.

Application Information

All completed and signed forms must be uploaded with this application to be considered final.  Incomplete applications will not be eligible for consideration for funding. The forms for this application are linked below and include:

  • Applicant Curriculum Vitae (maximum 3 pages in English)
  • Copies of professional degree(s)
  • Copy of professional registration document 

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