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Ron Postuma


MDS Staff Liaison: Sharon Baudry

Education Committee Purpose

To build a continuous, free-standing, education program to support physicians and other healthcare professionals around the world in their treatment of patients living with movement disorders; guide the International Executive Committee (IEC) in activities related to educating the professional and lay public on various aspects of movement disorders; and develop educational programs and enduring materials on movement disorders.

Committee’s mandate priorities for 2017-2019 (Source: Education Committee Strategic Plan):

  • Develop and deliver educational programming that reflects the needs of young neurologists and trainees, movement disorder specialists, basic scientists, general practitioners, allied health professionals and industry professionals.
  • Develop and deliver programming for rare movement disorders
  • Promote education in underserved countries
  • Engage the Young Member’s Group in educational activities
  • Develop educational resources for patients with movement disorders and their caregivers
  • Enhance collaboration with national and regional societies or organizations promoting movement disorder education.
  • Develop opportunity for MDS members to provide input on their educational needs.
  • Explore new learning formats

Committee Members
Ellen L. Air
Jawad Bajwa
Kelvin Chou
Robert Erro
Giovanni Fabbrini
Han-Joon Kim
Monica Kurtis
Sylvia Liew
John O'Sullivan
Santiago Perez-Lloret
Mayela Rodriguez-Violante
Ali Shalash
Per Svenningsson
Gertrúd Tamás
Ai Huey Tan

Ad Hoc Members

Charles Adler
Susan Fox
Jennifer Goldman
Irene Litvan
Hui Fang
Shang Pille Taba
Thiago Cardoso Vale

Sub-Committees of the Education Committee

  • Web-based Learning (K. Chou, T. Vale)
  • Young Members Group (T. Vale, S. Perez-Lloret)
  • Basic Science (P. Svenningsson)
  • New Learning Formats (R. Erro)