Task Force on Genetic Nomenclature in Movement Disorders


          Connie Marras
Christine Klein        Connie Marras
Chair                             Co-Chair

MDS Staff Liaison: Shazia Ali


Task Force Purpose
The purpose of this task force is to provide recommendations for revising the current nomenclature for genetically determined movement disorders in order to resolve or minimize problems that are sources of confusion and perpetuate misinformation.

Task Force Members

Darius Ebrahimi-Fakhari
Vladimir Kostic
Anthony Lang
Christina Lill
Katja Lohman
Carolyn Sue
Sara Tabrizi
Marina de Koning-Tijssen
Tom Warner
Bart Van de Warrenburg




New paper published: Revision to Nomenclature of Genetically Determined Movement Disorders

A paper describing our proposed revision to the nomenclature of genetically determined movement disorders has been published in a recent issue of Movement Disorders. The new lists of these entities is contained in the paper and these will be updated annually.

Thank you for your feedback
Prior to submission we solicited feedback from MDS members on our proposal and many thoughtful comments were gratefully received.  Many ideas were incorporated into the paper, and responses of the Task Force to the comments are summarized here