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Genetic Nomenclature in Movement Disorders Study Group



Christine Klein
Christine Klein
Connie Maras
Connie Marras



MDS Staff Liaison: Andrew Juliot

Study Group Purpose
The purpose of this study group is to provide recommendations for revising the current nomenclature for genetically determined movement disorders in order to resolve or minimize problems that are sources of confusion and perpetuate misinformation.

Study Group Members              

  • Darius Ebrahimi-Fakhari
  • Vladimir Kostic
  • Anthony Lang
  • Katja Lohman
  • Malco Rossi
  • Carolyn Sue
  • Sara Tabrizi
  • Marina de Koning-Tijssen
  • Tom Warner
  • Bart Van de Warrenburg

Study Group Publications and Resources

Revision to Nomenclature of Genetically Determined Movement Disorders

A paper describing our proposed revision to the nomenclature of genetically determined movement disorders was published in the April 2016 issue of Movement Disorders. The lists of these entities is contained in the paper and are updated periodically.

Updates to the original lists can be found below:

Last Updated: October 2022

Thank you for your feedback
Prior to submission we solicited feedback from MDS members on our proposal and many thoughtful comments were gratefully received.  Many ideas were incorporated into the paper, and responses of the study group to the comments are summarized here.

Other Publications

Genotype‐Phenotype Relations for the Parkinson's Disease Genes Parkin, PINK1, DJ1: MDSGene Systematic Review

Authors: Kasten M, Hartmann C, Hampf J, SchaakeS, Westenberger A, Vollstedt E, Balck A, Domingo A, Vulinovic F, Dulovic M, Zorn I, Madoev H, Zehnle H, Lembeck CM, Schawe L, Reginold J, Huang J, König IR, Bertram L, Marras C, Lohmann K, Lill CM, Klein C
(April 2017) Movement Disorders

The genetic nomenclature of recessive cerebellar ataxias

Authors: Rossi M, Anheim M, Durr A, Klein C, Koenig M, Synofzik M, Marras C, van de Warrenburg BP
(May 2018) Movement Disorders


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