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International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society

Moving Along  newsletter

 March 2024   Vol. 28, Issue 1

MDS's quarterly newsletter, providing up-to-date information on new developments in the field of Movement Disorders, as well as MDS announcements and other news.

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Classification and Staging in Parkinson’s disease

Introduction: PD classification & staging
From the MDS Leadership

In this edition of Moving Along, we can read four excellent and thought-provoking articles from colleagues on the topic of the biological definition and staging of Parkinson’s. If ever a topic was “hot” then this one is “white hot” in our field just now.

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Sitting behind all of the articles is a common wish to achieve an earlier diagnosis for people with Parkinson’s and related disorders, perhaps even before symptoms have appeared. The ultimate aim is the ability to identify people destined to develop or in the earliest stages of Parkinson’s for clinical trials of disease-modifying precision therapies, in order to find the holy grail of a treatment to slow or arrest disease progression. Achieving a better understanding of the pathobiology of these disorders underpins such an aspiration. 

The approaches outlined in the two Lancet Neurology papers have much in common, but also (as highlighted by Professors Sampaio, Cardoso and Trenkwalder) differ in important ways. We may certainly conclude that the widespread adoption of tests such as the alpha-synuclein seed amplification assay is premature and that such approaches are “developmental” at present, pending further data. These papers have stimulated a rich ongoing discussion and highlight the enormous potential gains that might be made, if a robust biologically based classification system can be devised.    

Irrespective of any differences, we applaud the collective endeavours to progress the diagnosis and management of people worldwide with Parkinson’s and related disorders.    

The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS) stands ready to convene with stakeholders and to seek to harmonize approaches for future patient benefit. We wish to reassure our membership and readers that the MDS is actively considering this fundamental shift in thinking in our field, and given our global representation, recognises the need and responsibility to contribute to leadership in this effort.

Moving forwards from Moving Along, watchfor a formal MDS scientific statement and commentary on the biologically based proposals that is being prepared for submission for publication.


Victor S.C. Fung, PhD, FRACP 
President, MDS 

David J. Burn, FMedSci 
President-Elect, MDS 


Summary: MDS “Statement of the MDS on biological definition, staging and classification of Parkinson’s disease”

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SynNeurGe: A proposal for the biological classification of Parkinson’s disease and related Lewy body disorders

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A biological definition and staging of neuronal synuclein disease: Toward an integrated staging system

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Navigating controversies: Exploring advancement of Parkinson's disease classification and staging

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President’s Letter

MDS President Dr. Victor Fung shares updates from across the Society and field, including regional action planning, a new global committee, and major scientific shifts that may be on the horizon. 

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5th PAS Congress

5th PAS Congress highlights ‘new era’ of technology in the field 

First-ever PAS Congress in Latin America draws 500+ for innovative conference.

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Integration of technology in Movement Disorders 

A look at the exponential growth of tools like digital biomarkers, advanced technology in DBS programming, and machine learning.

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Artificial intelligence in Movement Disorders 

AI opportunities, trends, and challenges: from wearable devices to predicting therapeutic outcomes.

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Huntington’s disease in Latin America  

Expert faculty provides updates on the genetics, phenocopies, and treatment in HD.

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MDS-PAS Leadership Awardee looks back on history, successes of Section 

Prof. Francisco Cardoso shares highlights from his time as both the Section Chair and MDS President.

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Preview: 2024 MDS International Congress 

Organizers discuss balancing a cutting-edge technology program with foundational skills, plus new features and emerging topics.

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Paper explores best practices to deliver a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis

Authors used insights from patients’ own experiences to uncover key strategies to approach this challenging conversation.

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French Republic knights MDS Past-President  

Dr. Christopher Goetz named Chevalier de l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques.

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The fellowship training journey of a Laotian neurologist

Learn about the fellowship and training experience of Lao PDR’s soon-to-be first Movement Disorders specialist.

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“Parkinson’s is not Witchcraft”: Fighting stigma in Uganda

After watching his mother struggle more from stigma than her sickness, Kabugo Hannington Tamale started combatting myths about PD in his community.

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Commemorating the Legacy of Ruth Hagestuen

Remembering the founding chair of the MDS Health Professionals Special Interest Group, and her pioneering efforts to elevate care people with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders worldwide.

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Events from around the globe

Africa offers first-of-its-kind interactive skills training course 

CAIRO, EGYPT — The course focused on clinical skills to prepare health providers for technologies and therapies growing more widely available in the region.

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MDS Ambassador lends insights and inspiration at Bolivian meeting 

SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA — Dr. Alberto Espay presented and engaged colleagues at the Bolivian Society of Neurology national meeting. 

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International conference focuses on innovations in Movement Disorders 

BUSAN, KOREA — Highlights from the largest biennial international movement disorders conference in South Korea.

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Editorial Board

Moving Along Editor (2019-2024)
Antonio Strafella, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Dr. Strafella is a Professor of Neurology and Krembil-Rossy Chair, in the Neurology Division at Toronto Western Hospital-UHN at the University of Toronto, and is a long standing member of MDS, having served in numerous committee roles within the Society, as well as a former Associate Editor of Movement Disorders.

Catalina Cerquera-Cleves, MD, MSc

Daniel G. Di Luca, MD


Shaimaa El-Jaafary, MD

Anhar Hassan, MD

Prashanth Kukkle, DM

Sergio Rodriguez-Quiroga, MD

Katarzyna Smilowska, MD, PhD

Indu Subramanian, MD

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