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International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society

Moving Along  newsletter

 October 2023   Vol. 27, Issue 3

MDS's quarterly newsletter, providing up-to-date information on new developments in the field of Movement Disorders, as well as MDS announcements and other news.

Main Content

President’s video
Get to know MDS’s new President

“I’ve always been interested in what is brain and what is mind, and where the two meet.” Dr. Victor Fung discusses his career, his three priorities for the Society, and how he hopes we can bring those initiatives to life.  



Highlights from the 2023 International Congress
International Congress Awardees

The esteemed Presidential Lectures invite the foremost leaders in the field to share about the topics that have most interested them throughout their storied careers.

C. David Marsden Presidential Lecture Award
Accelerating and globalizing genetic discovery in Parkinson’s Disease 

Dr. Andrew Singleton adds to his long history of genetic discoveries with a global effort that’s starting to yield far-reaching results.

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Stanley Fahn Presidential Lecture Award
Using precision medicine for Parkinson’s disease prevention

Dr. Caroline Tanner shares her expertise about emerging science related to how a person’s unique biology could affect their treatment.

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Junior Award - Basic Science
IP-RT-QuIC Identify Disease-Specific Alpha-Synuclein Seeds in serum from patients with synucleinopathy 

Investigating the potential of a blood-mediated pathway’s involvement in spreading abnormal α-synuclein aggregation. 

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Junior Award – Clinical Research
Prodromal dementia with Lewy bodies in REM sleep behavior disorder: A multicenter study 

Detecting and analyzing the early cognitive changes in RBD that can predict the development of further disease. 

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Article of the Year, Movement Disorders
Long-duration response to levodopa, motor learning, and neuroplasticity in early Parkinson's disease 

Shedding light on the ‘mysterious’ long-duration response to levodopa: Should we rethink the clinical approach for the disease’s most efficacious drug?

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Article of the Year, Movement Disorders Clinical Practice
Have we forgotten what tics are? A re-exploration of tic phenomenology in youth with primary tics

Research suggests that certain features affect clinical presentation in children and youth with tics.

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Honorary Membership Award
A career of groundbreaking discovery, built on a philosophy of curiosity 

Dr. Nobutaka Hattori shares the journey and mindsets that have driven him to become one of the preeminent leaders in the field. 

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Honorary Membership Award
Sharing success: Awardee offers advice to young neurologists 

Dr. Irene Litvan discusses her 30 years of contributions to the field and Society, as well as using her experiences to mentor young women.

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MDS 2023 International Congress
Insights from 2023 sessions


Recent breakthroughs: An overview of top findings from the past year

Revisit the takeaways from the popular 2023 highlights session: New genetic findings, clinical and biomarker studies, emerging therapeutic targets, and more.

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Illustration of the brain
Examining task-specific tremor in musicians

TSTM is a rare disorder, but it severely affects professional musicians and threatens their careers.

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Illustration of the brain
Research-informed graphic novel expands on the benefits of music and dance for PD

The collaborative research lends a voice to Parkinson’s disease patients who find both practical and personal meaning in dance as part of their therapeutic treatment.

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More from around the field

Researcher who once hid her own diagnosis awarded as an outstanding advocate for dietary health in PD

Richelle Flanagan shares about simple questions she thinks clinicians should ask, and her recently-launched app to help PwP track fluctuations, including changes around their menstrual cycles.

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Awardee’s work gives voice to communities underrepresented in Parkinson’s research in Africa

Dr. Tash Fothergill-Misbah shares about the research, documentary and policy work on the ground that earned her recognition for the 2023 Tom Isaacs Award.

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Three members granted Breakthrough Prize, ‘largest award in science’

2024’s Life Science laureates discovered the most common genetic causes of Parkinson’s disease.

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Event Highlights

Renown experts train nearly 100 young neurologists at the latest prestigious MDS-AOS School for Young Neurologists

Students enjoyed masterclasses with top experts, as well as illuminating video case rounds.  

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First online Huntington’s disease course for the Spanish-speaking community reaches 700+ global participants

The success showcases the value of Spanish-language format and removing language barriers to reach a broad, diverse audience.

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Member Updates

NEW: Keep up with member changes, passings and more. 

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Browse job openings, grants, fellowships, and other opportunities. 

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Editorial Board

Moving Along Editor (2019-2024)
Antonio Strafella, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Dr. Strafella is a Professor of Neurology and Krembil-Rossy Chair, in the Neurology Division at Toronto Western Hospital-UHN at the University of Toronto, and is a long standing member of MDS, having served in numerous committee roles within the Society, as well as a former Associate Editor of Movement Disorders.

Catalina Cerquera-Cleves, MD, MSc


Shaimaa El-Jaafary, MD

Anhar Hassan, MD

Prashanth Kukkle, DM

Sergio Rodriguez-Quiroga, MD

Chaewon Shin, MD, PhD

Katarzyna Smilowska, MD, PhD

Indu Subramanian, MD

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