PKAN Disease Rating Scale (PKAN-DRS)


PKAN Disease Rating Scale (PKAN-DRS)

Acronym: PKAN-DRS

Authors: Alejandra Darling, Cristina Tello, Marıa Josep Martı, Cristina Garrido, Sergio Aguilera-Albesa, Miguel Tomas Vila, Itziar Gaston, Marcos Madruga, Luis Gonzalez Gutierrez, Julio Ramos Lizana, Montserrat Pujol, Tania Gavilan Iglesias, Kylee Tustin, Jean Pierre Lin, Giovanna Zorzi, Nardo Nardocci, Loreto Martorell, Gustavo Lorenzo Sanz, Fuencisla Gutierrez, Pedro J. Garcıa, Lidia Vela, Carlos Hernandez Lahoz, Juan Darıo Ortigoza Escobar, Laura MartíSanchez, Fradique Moreira, Miguel Coelho, Leonor Correia Guedes, Ana Castro Caldas, Joaquim Ferreira, Paula Pires, Cristina Costa, Paulo Rego, Marina Magalhaes, María Stamelou, Daniel Cuadras Palleja, Carmen Rodríguez-Blázquez, Pablo Martínez-Martín, Vincenzo Lupo, Leonidas Stefanis, Roser Pons, Carmen Espinos, Teresa Temudo, and Belén Perez Dueñas

The PKAN Disease Rating Scale (PKAN-DRS) was developed to assess domains of cognition, behavior, and disability with scores based on neurological assessment of dystonia, parkinsonism, and other neurological signs in patients with pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN).

Original Publication View the Scale (PDF)

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Year Published: 2017

Scale Last Updated: Unchanged since publication

Assessment Type: ClinRO

Estimated Time to Complete: 10-15 minutes

Available Translations: None

Additional Scale Publications:

Marshall RD, Collins A, Escolar ML, Jinnah H, Klopstock T, Kruer MC, Videnovic A, Robichaux‐Viehoever A, Swett L, Revicki DA, Bender RH and Lenderking WR. A scale to assess activities of daily living in Pantothenate Kinase‐Associated Neurodegeneration. Movement Disorders Clinical Practice 2019 Feb; 6(2) 139-149.

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